Friday, January 17, 2014

Hand of Glory

4. Hand of Glory, by Stephen Carter

The Hand of Glory This is not the type of book I usually read (you only have to look at the cover to realize that! No girls in pretty dresses, no landscape vistas, no fantastic realm . . .). For all that, I found the book to be well written: the characters were charming and quirky, the small town landscape felt realistic, and parts of the book were laugh out loud funny. The story follows 14-year-old Paul McAllister, who has settled with his parents in small-town Wyoming, in a house built by his great-great (something) grandfather, for his plural wives. However, there is something not quite right about the house, and as Paul and his great-uncle Doc start delving into the family history, what they discover is both strange and deeply unsettling (nearly as unsettling as the cover image).

I made the mistake of starting this book just before bedtime, which I would not recommend, unless you enjoy being frightened and creeped out before trying to sleep--I do not! I had to finish the book before I could sleep, which either means that I am easily frightened (possibly true) or that the author did an extremely good job making the book creepy and disturbing (definitely true).

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