Sunday, December 29, 2013

Power Revealed

124. Power Revealed, Leah Berry
Power Revealed (The Elementers, #1)

Justin Wilder's life is a mess: he's just lost his best friend (his grandfather) and moved to a new school hundreds of miles away. Now he's just heard a tree talk to him--and he thinks he might be going crazy. Luckily for him, he soon discovers that he's not crazy, just a member of an elite group of elementers who can control the elements. Only Justin's more powerful than any of them have seen, and his reluctance to bow to rules has already brought him unwelcome attention from the Council which monitors the elementers. When Justin discovers that his grandfather's death may not have been accidental, his struggle to discover what may have gone wrong leads him into grave danger.

There were a lot of things to like here: the writing style was clean and didn't get in the way of the story; the magic world was well-thought out and consistent, and the story moved at a fast pace. Justin drove me crazy, though, with his insistence on questioning rules just for the sake of questioning them--and I'm getting a little tired of the fantasy motif where the main character is able to save the world because they are so unusually powerful. Aside from that, I think a lot of young fantasy readers would enjoy this.

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