Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting Over Garrett Delaney

71. Abby McDonald, Getting Over Garrett Delaney

Getting Over Garrett Delaney I read McDonald's most recent book, a Sense and Sensibility adaptation, a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to enjoying one of her older books. This book didn't disappoint--in fact, I think it should be mandatory reading for teenage girls who are a) convinced their platonic guy friend will eventually love them and/or b) have ever considered making themselves over for a guy.

Seventeen-year-old Sadie has been best friends with Garrett Delaney for two years--two intoxicating and aggravating years where she and Garrett have gotten closer and closer, and Sadie has watched him go through break-up after break-up, all the while convinced that one day he will wake up and realize that they were *meant* to be together.

 But when Sadie fails to get into the summer writing camp she and Garrett were destined to attend together, Sadie has to make other plans for her summer. A chance job at a local coffee shop introduces her to a new cast of characters and friends, who help her recognize that maybe--just maybe--she should stop waiting around for Garrett Delaney.

Sadie comes up with a program to help her get over Garrett Delaney. With the help of some new and old friends, Sadie manages to reinvent herself in delightful ways.

This book was all the things I like in my contemporary YA: some depth, as Sadie comes to some startling realizations about herself. A lot of humor. And a little romance. What I liked best, though, was the novel's focus on Sadie finding herself, rather than finding herself the perfect romantic partner.

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