Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book 65: Melanie Jacobson, Second Chances

Second Chances

I've enjoyed all of Melanie Jacobson's books, and this was no exception (I read it in less than 24 hours).
This book is a companion novel to The List, starring Louisa Gibson (sister of Matt Gibson, the hero in The List). Louisa has just quit her job at a marketing firm to launch her own business, but to get her business launched, she needs to execute her first big idea: The Mormon Bachelor, an online web series whose (hopefully) growing popularity will lead to new sponsors and business.

There's just one catch: the bachelor she lines up bails just a couple of days before the show is slated to start, having just committed himself to a relationship. Desperate, Louisa enlists the help of her ex-boyfriend Nick, a handsome, charming, but regrettably shallow actor.

However, as the series launches, Louisa discovers that Nick has changed. What she formerly saw as relentless ambition and interest in sucking up to people, she now sees as a genuine consideration for people. To her dismay, she finds herself increasingly attracted to him, but she's determined not to sabotage her company's chance at making it by interfering with her bachelor show.

I thought this book hit all the genre targets well: the characters were interesting, likeable, and had a great (albeit clean) chemistry with each other. The plot was fun and fast-moving, and the setting was deftly constructed to give a feel both of Southern California in general, but the S.C. LDS single's scene in particular. Definitely a book I would recommend (for a fun, light read) and likely one I will reread.

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